For adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, an experience not to be missed is a 45 minute boat ride away to the “Green Jewel of Brunei” – Ulu Temburong National Park. Located in the Temburong district, one can experience adrenaline pumping natural thrills like no other surrounded by lush and pristine untouched jungle and wildlife. Here are our 5 best adrenaline pumping activities you can do during your visit to the park, guaranteed to leave you with plenty of exciting stories to share with your friends.

Thrilling ‘Temuai’ Longboat Ride

In order to get to Ulu Temburong National Park, you will have to use the traditional ‘temuai’ longboats, which are designed specifically to withhold the current of the winding Temburong River. Modern longboats are now equipped with high-powered motor engines, allowing for easy maneuvering going upstream against the current.

Longboat Ride - Temburong Brunei

The National Park is located upstream from the river, making it an adventure and challenge on its own to get there especially during the rainy or dry season. There are also many areas where cascading water indicates shallow sections of less than a meter deep with huge rocks on the river bed. The temuai drivers are highly skilled and experienced, trained to maneuver through the most difficult of streams even in the dark night. Make sure you’ve fastened your life vests and secured your valuables in a dry bag, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you!

Water Tubing on the Temburong River

Water tubing is a relatively easy activity for all to enjoy with the only requirement is to hold on tight, with a little arm paddling. The Temburong River is mostly calm with some rocky sections causing water to cascade and creating small waves that creates the thrill of the water tubing experience.

Water Tubing at Temburong River Brunei

Relax and be awed by the sights and sounds of the beautiful forests whilst the river’s current takes you downstream, being one with nature and having all your senses work together in this completely immersive activity.

Doctor Fish at Ulu Mutong Waterfalls

Ulu Mutong Waterfalls, one of the more accessible and exciting waterfalls in the park is a rare sight to behold. The waterfall has two sections; with the upper falls creating a deep, natural pool for swimming in the clear, cold natural water surrounded by the sights and sounds of the forest.

Mutong Waterfalls and Resident Doctor Fish

The slightly bigger main section below has a gentler flow is home to Doctor Fish. “Doctor Fish” or garra rufa is a tiny freshwater fish that nibbles the dead skin cells on your feet and legs for a natural fish spa experience. It is one of the few places in the world where you can find this experience directly in the natural environment. A little nerve wrecking initially as the tiny fishes swarm to you in huge numbers the moment you submerge a part of your body in the waters.

Belalong Canopy Walkway

The ultimate highlight of your thrill seeking adventure at Ulu Temburong National Park is the canopy walk, known as the ‘jewel in its crown’. Not for the faint hearted, to reach the tallest 43 meters tower, the 700 or more steps to the top is quite a feat and can be a challenge even to the most experienced hikers.

Climb up the steel structures for a 360 degree breathtaking view and face your fear of heights walking across the five connected towers. It is highly recommended to start the climb during dawn or dusk and experience the beautiful, serene sights and sounds from the canopy walkways of the tallest and oldest jungles in the world and witness the majestic grandeur of Bruneian jungle.

White Water Rafting

The Temburong River’s long and winding landscape has made it an ideal spot for white water rafting, with its many different levels of water rapids sure to pump up your adrenaline. A favourite for many, rafting down the river after exploring the jungles of the National Park is a fun mixture of paddling and thrills, making it a challenging and unique experience suitable for different ages. Equipped with safety gear and paddling technology, be sure to get your adrenaline pumped as you travel through the river stream surrounded by the green jungle and unpredictable flow of the river.