The island of Borneo – known for its grand sunsets with mesmerizing colors in the sky blanketing landscapes and silhouettes that are sure to warm your heart. Brunei, located on the coastline of the island will definitely give you the ringside seat to watch the beautiful golden rays as it dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant mix of colours from purple hues to red and pink.

Fortunate to have only one tropical season all year round, Bruneian sunsets generally start around 5:30pm every day. To help you in your sunset chase, here are five places to check out:

The Empire Brunei

Perfectly located on the shores of Jerudong Beach, take a walk to the sunset point overlooking the horizon where you can catch a glimpse of some of the most magical sunsets, or enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset over mocktails or coffee at their Pantai Restaurant.

Empire hotel 2020

Tanjong Batu Beach, Brunei/Muara District

A fairly new beach in Brunei, Tanjong Batu has one of the most mesmerizing views especially as the sun slowly disappears into the horizon. Located at the end of the Muara-Tutong Highway and down the road leading to Muara town, follow the signs to ‘Jalan Tanjong Batu’. This long man-made structure and seawall is a popular area for families, joggers and cyclists to relax and unwind. Coupled with gives the seaside a stunning and clear view of the sea, with its calming breeze and the sounds of crashing waves allowing visitors to immerse in tranquility.

Tanjong Batu Beach

Meragang Beach, Brunei/Muara District

This untouched sandy beach is an ideal spot for some quiet reflection and sunset watching. Within walking distance nearby is the Marine Biodiversity Centre where members of the public can visit and learn about the marine life and conservation efforts in Brunei.

Meragang Beach 2020

Seri Kenangan Beach, Tutong District

Also known as Tutong Beach, Seri Kenangan Beach is located about 45 minutes away from Bandar Seri Begawan. It is generally quiet throughout the week but it can get quite crowded over the weekends as families and friends can be seen setting up barbecues and picnics at the huts dotted around the beach. So, head there early if you want to picnic under a hut and then stay on till the sun sets for a wonderful end to your day!

Seri Kenangan

Belait Beach, Belait District

If you’re heading down to the Belait District, approximately 2 hours away from the capital, pay a visit to Belait Beach. With its long sandy coastline stretching out for miles as far as the eyes can see and the offshore oil platforms glistening in the distance, be prepared to get mesmerized by its beautiful skies as the sun slowly fades into the horizon leaving the skies with a beautiful and majestic array of colours. Belait Beach is known to have one of the most tranquil and mesmerizing sunsets in all of Brunei due to its location and is not to be missed, especially if you’re in the district near sunset hours!

Belait Beach

Before you head to any of the beaches in Brunei..

Please make sure to use adequate sun block, bring a hat or a beach umbrella, and put on insect repellant to protect yourself and more importantly, please be mindful to keep our beaches clean and to dispose your rubbish responsibly at designated areas, if any, or bring it with you.