Ecoponies and React Co will be showcasing their support for Gastronomy week by bringing together a community of businesses for a Farmer’s market weekend, against a kampong backdrop that Ecoponies is much-loved for.
Enjoy a day out in nature, eating local delicacies, learn how to weave baskets and listen to talks from folks who understand the beauty of what nature provides be it for culinary or medicine.
Children can also enjoy “nature storytelling time” by Creativate kids!
Farm to Table Living Talk
8th March, 11.30am to 12.15pm
Do you want to adopt a farm to table lifestyle? Learn from one of the best – Eyon Ukoi the founder and owner of Eco Ponies Garden. Starting her garden with just an idea and a lot of hard work, Eyon says that the farm to table living is not just about the love of food but also about appreciating the jungle and learning how to forage and farm your food while practising sustainable farming.
How to Use Herbs/Plants in Culinary, Beauty and Medicine
8th March, 2.30pm to 3.15pm
You’d be surprised on what you can find in your backyard or the things you can grow for everyday use. Fatimah J is very knowledgeable on the herbs in Brunei that you can use in your everyday cooking and also be used for beauty and health. So sit back and enjoy the surrounding, as you listen in to the talk for a knowledgeable experience.
Upcycle Newspaper Workshop
8th March, 3.45pm to 4.45pm
Notice that you have stacks of newspaper in your house? Pretty sure you know that there are a lot of things you can reuse newspaper for. So why not put your creative hats on as Nilam Sari Hands On will be doing a workshop to guide you on what can be done to up-cycle those stacks of newspapers creatively.
Weaving Workshop
8th March, 10.15am to 11.45am
With this workshop, we want to raise awareness around the tradition of weaving, in particular, appreciate the amount of effort and precision required to make a basket. For 25 dollars, you will be able to interact with a mother-daughter duo and take home a beautiful basket.
Kids Nature Storytelling Time
8th March, 10.30am/11.00am/11.30am/12.00pm
Bringing your little ones to the event? Have a peace of mind as we also prepared activities for your kids, be it storytelling time or even trying out traditional games. Creativate Brunei are well known for their creative programs tailored for children and following true to the theme of the event will be conducting nature-related activities to keep your children busy creatively.