Matcha Mana

Matcha Mana opened their doors in 2019 as a Japanese-style café. Its name is a play on the Bruneian phrase macam mana meaning ‘how’ in English. It is a laid-back and cool place where you will find matcha-infused food and drinks. There’s a good deal of matcha drinks to choose from such as Matcha Tarik, their twist on the frothy milk tea teh tarik, matcha boba latte, coffees and smoothies, all green with antioxidant matcha power. More matcha flavours can be found in their pancakes, eclairs and ice creams, but if you want something savoury, they have a delectable range of Japanese dishes including ramen, okonomiyaki, chicken teriyaki and katsu-don.

For information on opening times, branches and locations: call +673 222-2095 or check their Instagram.