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Carried down from generation to generation, if there’s one thing that has survived the test of time in Brunei, it’s definitely our food and our love for it. Live our culture in the best way possible, through your sense of taste.

Depending on what you might want for a Saturday night dinner, Brunei boasts a fine selection of restaurants offering the most diverse cuisines, ranging from traditional Malay to Chinese and Japanese food.

Might want to book a table in advance during the weekends. These places tend to get real full, real fast.

Over the past decade, Bruneians have taken an interest in the coffee culture and the art of brewing sophisticated cup profiles.

The café scene may be relatively new here, but you’re bound to discover a few bona fide sips that stay true to the bean in your travels here.

More of an eat-and-go kind of person? The street markets of Brunei may just be right up your alley with an incredibly diverse range of tasty street food and flavorful snacks, and a wholesome and hospitable crowd to top the whole experience off.

Hankering for places to eat that are fast and affordable? These food courts present a medley of cuisines and dishes that will gratify even the pickiest and fussiest eaters. These are the one-stop centres for you to sample the diverse eats Brunei has to offer.

Non-halal restaurants in Brunei offers a variety of dishes that are only for non-Muslims. The majority of these places in Brunei are casual-dining eateries serving stir-fried Chinese-style food and they often have one thing in common – kolomee or dry tossed noodles, so if you love this, there are plenty of places to have them. Restaurants offering roasted and BBQ meat are not in short supply either.

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