No Brunei stopover is complete without a visit to our rainforests.


Brunei’s tropical rainforests are some of the oldest in the world. Kept out of humanity’s reach for as long as they have existed, these lush-green jungles make up more than 70% of the country – making Brunei a hidden paradise to nature lovers everywhere. Catch your first green adventure in Brunei – from jungle treks and picnics in the park to longboat rides into the heart of our pristine rainforests – there’s simply so many ways you can enjoy a walk on the wild side.

Must-Visit Parks & Forests

  1. Damuan Recreational Park (Jalan Tutong, Brunei-Muara) – pleasant walkways enclosed by shrubs and sculptures with a gorgeous view of Istana Nurul Iman; a favourite with local joggers
  2. Tasek Lama Park (Jalan Tasek Lama, Brunei-Muara) – a convenient respite from the city within the city, promising a calm waterfall and a bird’s eye view of the water village, Kampong Ayer
  3. Bukit Subok Recreational Park (Jalan Residency, Brunei-Muara) – an undulating park that takes you through pine trees and bamboo grooves, rewarding hikers with a breathtaking view at the summit
  4. Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park (Muara-Tutong Highway, Brunei-Muara) – the most accessible rainforest in Brunei, spreading over 70 hectares of rolling terrain and a variety of challenging forest trails
  1. Berakas Forest Recreational Park (Muara-Tutong Highway, Brunei-Muara) – a popular retreat for families, with meandering paths, a lookout point and picnic and barbecue spots in the midst of a forest
  2. Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park (Tutong) – an ASEAN Heritage Park that stretches over 2,500 hectares of wetlands with a beautiful freshwater lake as its centrepiece
  3. Teraja Forest Reserve (Belait) – a jungle trail behind the Teraja Longhouse in Labi that rewards trekkers with a stunning waterfall at the end of the journey.

Ulu Temburong National Park

Without a doubt, the crown jewel of Brunei’s green landscapes. You will only have truly visited Brunei if you have checked in at least once at this renowned national park. Located at the easternmost part of Brunei in the Temburong district, this sprawling 50,000-hectare expanse of undisturbed rainforests stretches over a majority of the southern district, and is considered one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Home to a wide range of lowland and mountain forests housing many unique species, this is also a realm belonging to Borneo’s longhouse communities and their ancient culture. Here, there are many experiences to savour – from watching gibbons forage along the river at daybreak to listening to the quiet, soothing sounds of the rainforest at dusk – this eye-to-eye encounter with nature is sure to stay with you long even after you’ve rekindled with civilization. For booking enquiries, visit here for a comprehensive list of tours.

What to Pack
for a Day Trip to our Forests

  • Coffee (you’ll be up bright and early for these trips mostly)
  • Strong sunblock
  • Pair of sneakers with strong grip
  • Breathable athletic clothing
  • Folding towel
  • Camera with a neck-strap (for capturing your favourite moments in the environment)
  • Change of clothes (in case you get wet)
  • Sturdy waterproof backpack for your electronics
  • Insect repellent (be advised that it might deter other animals from approaching you as well)
  • Hat (it can get really hot at times)
  • Phone carrying case with a wrist-strap (boat rides can get pretty dicey here if you’re not careful)
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