Brunei International Airport

Brunei has three tourist information centres to help you plan out your itinerary during your stay here! The first tourist information centre can be found right in the Brunei International Airport’s arrival hall.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9.00am to 6.00pm

yayasan information centre 2

Yayasan Shopping Complex

The second tourist information can be found at Yayasan Shopping Complex situated between the two main famous landmark of Bandar, the “Kampong Ayer” and Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10.00AM to 10.00pm

Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery

The other tourist information centre is located at the Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday and Saturday: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Closed on Friday, Sunday and public holidays.

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