Belait is the largest and westernmost district in Brunei and much of the population is concentrated in the coastal towns of Seria and Kuala Belait. The discovery of oil in Seria town in 1929 shaped the landscape and population in these towns which has a large community of expatriates working in the oil and gas industry. The Belait interior has great potential for exploration and learning as the land is home to undisturbed wilderness and indigenous people with fascinating cultures. For nature activities, one can take a meditative stroll around the calm waters of Luagan Lalak Recreational Park in the Labi Hill Forest Reserve and head to the Teraja or Mendaram longhouses for an introduction to the Iban community.


Join travel and lifestyle blogger Kurapak on his Bruneiku-est journey around Belait!

Watch Kurapak as he embarks on a nature adventure to discover the waterfalls at Wasai Teraja and the lake at Luagan Lalak. Follow him as he spends some time at Teraja Longhouse in Labi and gets acquainted with the Iban culture, immersing himself in their impressive cultural performances and unique cuisine.