Of Hidden Lakes
and Lush Flora

Home to some of the most beloved early-bird treats such as rojak and pulut panggang, and blessed with the most breathtaking views atop hills and amid deep blue lakes hidden away from busy roads, we suggest you take your time with Tutong. Slow down and see a unique kind of beauty that lies beyond the beaten path.


  • Seri Kenangan Beach

    Soak your feet in warm ocean water as the cool sea breeze blows through your hair at Seri Kenangan Beach which literally translates to the…... Read More
  • Tasek Merimbun

    Nestled in rural shrubs of Tutong and famous for its dark colour and rich wildlife, Tasek Merimbun is certainly a sight to see. Open to…... Read More
  • The Thursday Market

    The Tutong Thursday market is a treasure trove of bargain worthy handicrafts and local cuisine. A neighbourhood market, it opens from 6am to 12pm on…... Read More
  • Tutong Town

    Quaint. Serene. And – did we mention quaint? Tutong Town may not have as many attractions as the other districts but it is a definite…... Read More
  • Wasai Bedanu

    Go for a morning swim and soak in the cool water as you take in this stunning waterfall! Hidden in the midst of the dense…... Read More


  • Jerudong Park

  • Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

  • Bukit Patoi Recreational Park

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