Of Giant Teacups
and Iconic Nodding Donkeys

Visitors to Belait District are greeted with the giant teacup, and the sight of iconic nodding donkeys, which pumps out the source of Brunei’s prosperous oil and gas economy. But oil is not the only thing Belait is rich in. With so many different cultures culminating in one district, visitors can also experience a variety of flavor palates as well as visit monumental marks of Brunei’s rich history and diverse people.


  • Billionth Barrel Monument

    Built in 1991, the Billionth Barrel Monument resides along the beach in Seria and is a symbol of achievement in Brunei’s oil production. Commemorating the…... Read More
  • Luagan Lalak Recreation Park

    Some people will argue that you can see the best sunsets at this park. While others visit the park to get away from all the…... Read More
  • Mendaram Longhouses

    A stone throw’s away from civilisation – where the asphalt meets pristine rainforests – wooden longhouses stand tall and proud amongst lush greenery. Take a…... Read More


  • Royal Regalia

  • Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

  • Seri Kenangan Beach

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