Leave the city behind and take a drive across South East Asia’s longest bridge, the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Bridge, to the green jewel of Brunei – Temburong. It is Brunei’s natural bubble where one can safely explore the pristine rainforest and majestic waterfalls, unwind on unhurried rivers and recharge in clean air. Here, you can take a journey off the beaten path and reawaken your senses. The Ulu Temburong National Park is an important conservation centre where one can stand among the top of the trees and see the beauty of a protected treasure from a hornbill’s perspective. Accommodations here vary from glamping tents to eco-lodges for large groups. Temburong has its own signature food like chicken cooked in bamboo over fire, freshwater giant prawn noodles and snacks that are distinctively Temburong specials.


Join social blogger Ranoadidas on his Bruneiku-est journey around Temburong!

Watch Ranoadidas explore Ulu Temburong National Park’s rainforests, streams and waterfalls, and see him zip across the river on the flying fox and scale the rock-climbing wall at Trandie Brunei.  Follow him as he settles in at the Sumbiling Eco-Village and dig into local dishes such as manuk pansuh – Temburong’s famous bamboo chicken.