20 minutes from the heart of the capital to Kampong Kapok, escape the busyness of life and escape to nature with a refreshing hiking trail to visit two of Brunei’s caves – Gua Harimau (Tiger Cave) and Gua Radat (Radat Cave).

Nature lovers and adventurers alike can experience the fresh crisp air of Brunei’s virgin forests and bask in the peaceful comforts of nature with the 2.7km trail.

The hike will take approximately one hour, with the two caves lurking in the midst of the luscious greens of Bukit Tempayan Pisang. You may find a map giving directions to the caves at the start of the trail, and there are also signs along the trail indicating the path to the different caves.

The caves are accessible at all times during the day, and even for thrill seekers who wish to attempt to do some night trails. Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn at all times before attempting this adventure and make sure you are well equipped with a water bottle to avoid dehydration!