Of Hidden Lakes and Lush Flora

Of Hidden Lakes
and Lush Flora

Tutong’s beauty lies in its serenity. With its charming town surrounded by small hills and beautiful black water lakes. The waters almost resemble tea, stained a dark hue due to the release of tannins from surrounding vegetation. Spend time in the town and enjoy popular cuisine such as Rojak and Pulut Panggang. There is even a lively market every Thursday morning, where you can find local handicrafts, food and fresh produce.

We suggest you take your time to really take in what Tutong has to offer. Slow down and see a unique kind of beauty that lies beyond the beaten path.


  • Alai Gayoh Anak Pulau

    The Alai Gayoh, which means large house in Dusun, is a traditional wooden dwelling with much history. It has been turned into a blissful abode built on top of a calm lagoon overseeing much of... Read More

  • Eco Ponies Garden

    Reconnect with nature and experience the simple life of the good old days at Eco Ponies Garden, a humble homestay popular for its sustainable farming…... Read More
  • Lamin Warisan

    Once the home of former penghulu mukim Bendahari Haji Ghafar, this vintage spot is now a museum purposed to preserve Tutong's culture and ethnic records. Here visitors can learn about the... Read More

  • Seri Kenangan Beach

    If you like long walks on the beach, there is no place better than Pantai Seri Kenangan. It sits beside a long spit of land just 5 minutes away from Tutong Town, with the Tutong River on one... Read More

  • Tasek Merimbun

    Tasek Merimbun is the largest natural lake all of Brunei Darussalam, and is designated as one of ASEAN's Heritage Parks. Due to the release of tannin from falling leaves, it's waters glisten... Read More

  • The Thursday Market

    The Tutong Thursday market is a treasure trove of bargain worthy handicrafts and local cuisine. A neighbourhood market, it opens from 6am to 12pm on Thursdays and houses all kinds of... Read More

  • Tutong Town

    Settled between the two busiest districts, Tutong Town is the perfect pitstop for travellers looking for a refreshing change of pace. Stop by to take in the view of the Tutong River and enjoy... Read More

  • Wasai Bedanu

    Go for a morning swim and soak in the cool water as you take in this stunning waterfall! Hidden in the midst of the dense rainforest in Tutong, Wasai Bedanu (which means Bedanu Waterfall), is... Read More


  • Anduki Recreational Park

  • Malay Technology Museum

  • Sungai Apan Waterfall

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