Of Giant Teacups
and Iconic Nodding Donkeys

Visitors to Belait District are greeted with the giant teacup, and the sight of iconic nodding donkeys, which pumps out the source of Brunei’s prosperous oil and gas economy. But oil is not the only thing Belait is rich in. With so many different cultures culminating in one district, visitors can also experience a variety of flavor palates as well as visit monumental marks of Brunei’s rich history and diverse people.


  • Anduki Recreational Park

    Opened in 1992 in commemoration of the silver jubilee of Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, the Anduki Recreational Park serves as the perfect getaway for the public and tourists alike. Set upon a... Read More

  • Billionth Barrel Monument

    Built in 1991, the Billionth Barrel Monument resides along the beach in Seria and is a symbol of achievement in Brunei’s oil production. Commemorating the accomplishment in its name, the... Read More

  • Labi Coffee Farm

    The Labi Coffee Farm is home to more than 9 hectares worth of coffee, and it is open to visitors! With 18,000 homegrown coffee trees in the expanse of its orchard, it's a grand sight to see.... Read More

  • Luagan Lalak Recreation Park

    Find tranquility in The Luagan Lalak Recreation Park. The park is home to an alluvial freshwater swamp known for its mesmerising beauty. The walkways extend out into the center of the swamp, ... Read More

  • Menara Cendera Kenangan

    A towering beacon serving as a historic gift commemorating His Majesty's 50th birthday, the Menara Cendera Kenangan has some of the most scenic views in the Belait District. Along the way, ... Read More

  • Mendaram Longhouses

    The 12-door, iconic red roofs of Mendaram Besar Longhouse was first built in the 1970s and is now home to about 100 residents. Back then, the house was built with palm leaves. Over the years,... Read More

  • Teraja Longhouse

    In the far edges of Brunei, lies the quiet rural village of Teraja. Its residents all share a single long rooftop, with 125 people living here on the weekends. Though most of them are off at... Read More

  • Teraja Waterfalls

    All in its natural glory, the Teraja Waterfalls invite visitors to its pristine pools and wander through its home teeming with unique flora and wildlife. With more than 40 waterfalls the... Read More


  • Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm

  • Lugu Lake (along the Jerudong-Tutong highway)

  • Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas

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