Peace and quiet, at last – where else but in the great outdoors.

Lost in Tranquility. Be brushed awake softly by the authentic chirps and sounds of the wilderness as you wake up to reach for the newspaper, only to be greeted by Brunei’s greenest rainforests at your doorstep. Here’s your chance to find a getaway that truly takes you away from the glaring corners of civilization. Write a new chapter in the wild with a stay at one of these peaceful resorts.

Freme Lodge & Adventure Park

Looking for a bit more action in your calm retreat? Freme’s Lodge and Adventure Park is an absolute delight for those seeking a wide assortment of activities in the midst of a lush-green landscape. Take a morning stroll on a suspension bridge that leads deeper into the forest. Or test your skills and endurance in an obstacle course filled with logs, swings and climbs. Or zip across the river from one jungle tail to the other in a Flying Fox zipline. You decide how this green adventure ends in a lodge that was built on a passion for the wild and adventurous.

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Sumbiling Eco Village

Perched on the shore of Temburong River is another eco-friendly resort, constructed from recycled wood and tents. Placing an emphasis on culture, Sumbiling Eco Village is where you get to experience first-hand, the various traditions and pastimes of the indigenous community. From traditional dancing, weaving and rock painting, to blow pipes, fishing and cooking sessions – forget what the city has taught you, this is a whole new world we’re talking about.

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First established in 1996, Trandie is the longest-running eco-lodge in the entire district of Temburong. With a wealth of experience under their belts, you can be sure know they know how to have fun in these jungle backyards of theirs. Build your own raft to cross the white waters of Temburong River, or go canoeing with your friends down a couple of rapids in the river. Solo or in a group, there’s a flexible selection of packages here to ensure you experience Temburong to the fullest.

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Mangrove Paradise Resort

Nature is only a stone’s throw away from the city, as this particular resort is set to prove! Established in 2009 and less than half an hour’s drive away from the city’s biggest attractions, Mangrove Paradise Resort provides the luxury of modern facilities amidst nature’s calm. The resort also offers a curated ‘Traveler Package’ that includes a tour of the city, including the iconic Kampong Ayer as well as a chance to feast on delicious local dishes.

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Bintudoh Greenspring Resort

With facilities overlooking a large lake and surrounded by lush greenery, it’s difficult to believe this place is only a few minutes’ ride away from the main road, but Bintudoh Greenspring Resort has much to offer visitors. Take a guided walk through the rainforest, or cruise along on a canoe around the lake. Hop on the flying fox and watch the entire compound zip by, or enjoy a calm day with some traditional delicacies; a BBQ pit is also available for those looking to grill their own lunch!

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