No matter what time of the year you choose to come to Brunei, there’s always something going on in the ‘Abode of Peace’. From a variety of tasteful wonders and a long list of outdoor adventures to a creative showcase by the nation’s budding artists – experience pieces of Brunei like never before, from the eyes and ears of a Bruneian.

Brunei Arts & Handicraft Training Centre

Built along the banks of the Brunei River, Brunei Arts & Handicrafts Training Centre is a great retreat from the heat of the capital to get a feel of the country’s traditional art. Established mainly to preserve traditional handicrafts and facilitate the training of young Bruneian artisans, many artifacts made by current students and graduates can be viewed or even purchased here in the centre. From hand-woven baskets, brassware and silverware to gorgeous wood carvings, brocades and asymmetrical daggers, take a step back from the modern age and appreciate the fine arts that have carried a country’s heritage for centuries. The centre is located on Jalan Residency – by the river, 600m east of Sungai Kianggeh.

Day Time
Monday – Thursday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Friday – Sunday Closed

Dermaga Diraja (The Royal Wharf)

More popularly known as the ‘Waterfront’, the Royal Wharf is situated by one of the Brunei River banks and was recently redeveloped into a scenic promenade that now also leads to the Eco-Corridor Park. This is a perfect place to enjoy those long strolls at night without ever being too far from some of Brunei’s finest eats (check out Kaizen Sushi or The Horizons Seafood Restaurant). One of the best viewing spots of Brunei’s heritage site – Kampong Ayer (a historic water village), you can also find the Old Customs House (another heritage site) nearby which houses art exhibitions and galleries time to time. If you require additional help navigating Brunei, a Tourist Information Centre is just around the corner too.


The Collective Art and Events

Nestled in an alley not far from Gadong and located just above Caffe Verve, is a creative platform that’s never quiet at heart, because everyone’s always creating. Whether it’s a stage performance, a workshop or even a sharing session, you can be sure The Collective is always up to something, nurturing the arts and culture of a community that never sleeps. Because creativity never sleeps. Follow them on Instagram for the latest events and updates!

Avenue 41

Somewhere along the quiet, mellow streets of Jalan Kiarong, rhythmic beats, luminous colours and delicious palates often fill a modern mid-scale studio space as it celebrates creativity in all its glory. Welcome to Avenue 41 – where the country’s emerging artists, musicians and event planners often gather to show off their craft, share aspirations, and inspire others to also take up their own reins of creativity. Follow them on Instagram for the latest events and updates!

Creative Space Gallery

Home to some of the most talented artists and creative thinkers in Brunei, there’s always something going on at this bespoke art gallery/studio in Sengkurong. Known for their bold, progressive art exhibitions and unconventional art styles, Creative Space Gallery is what happens when a community of passionate artists are given the world to use as their canvas where their stories and emotions can be heard and felt by all in the most brilliant way possible. Follow them on Instagram for the latest events and updates!

Sound and Canvas

Founded and spearheaded by writer and composer Sandy Tan, Sound & Canvas is her vision of a platform where creative makers and thinkers can come, connect and collaborate. Based mostly on an abstract form of illusory art, the studio is best known for seamlessly blending powerful music scores and moving imagery and design to give patrons a mind-blowing, kaleidoscopic experience second to none. Follow them on Instagram for the latest events and updates!

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