Simpur Flower


Big, bright and beautiful are words that best describe Brunei’s National Flower, the Simpor! Beautifully illustrated on the one-dollar note of Brunei, the Simpor can also be found most commonly alongside rivers, particularly the Temburong River. There are 8 locally known species of Simpor and some species are used to cure wounds and stop bleeding like the Simpor Bini. Resilient in nature with the ability to grow and survive anywhere, the Simpor flower is significant to Brunei as it symbolizes the country’s success and development.

Pitcher Plant

The insect-eating pitcher plant, also adoringly known as ‘monkey cups’ takes root on Brunei soil and can be spotted along jungle tracks, and the highlands of Temburong. But it isn’t the poor plant’s fault for resorting to eating insects or whatever falls into it. The plant’s carnivorous ways are because of nutrient-poor soil. So a plant has got to do whatever it takes to stay alive. Just don’t stick your finger in there or its highly acidic digestive enzymes might just make you its next meal.

Livistona Exigua

A solitary palm that rests on gentle slopes below the forest canopy, it wears an ovoid crown and stands unapologetically fanning it’s leaves adorned with thorns to ward off predators.

Dryobalanops Rappa

A swamp plant usually found at Tasek Merimbun, the species’ name is actually derived from the Iban word ‘kerapa’ which means a shallow swamp and refers to the habitat of the plant.


A genus of bamboo that can be found hugging the banks of the rivers in Temburong, this evergreen perennial flowering plant creates a lush forest foliage.

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